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Welcome to Thoughtscapism! This is a blog on science, creativity, environment, health, fiction, and other various landscapes of my thoughts.

logo basicMy name is Iida Ruishalme. I am a Cell Biologist, a science communicator, and a fiction writer. I am a contributor to Genetic Literacy ProjectSkepti-Forum, and Biofortified, as well as the cultural journal The Woolf.

I am a Finn by birth and have a Master’s degree in Biology from Sweden. I have work experience from environmental chemistry, diabetes research, pharmaceutical bio-bank labs, and lab robotics. Nowadays I live in Switzerland with my husband and two little children. My experiences of a lack of good science understanding by the public has sparked an interest in science communication. This blog is where I try to make sense of the world in a way I hope may also be useful to others.


Caught in the act of Thoughtscaping.

What is this blog about? You can read more about that on my welcome page. Why the name thougthscapism? What is that supposed to mean? See my first blog post here.

Many of the photos and infographics on this blog are my own. You may use them for noncommercial purposes with attribution to me at Thoughtscapism, according to the licence CC-BY-ND 4.0 (give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made). Thanks!

I am active on Facebook over at my page Thoughtscapism, where I post about topics I find interesting on a near daily basis. I can also be found on Twitter, I keep a collection of my infographics on Pinterest, and periodically answer science questions on Quora.

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