About Thoughtscapism

logo basicI want to understand the world, which makes me passionate about science. I wish to express and explore the human condition through language, which makes me passionate about writing. In order to do these things, I must question my assumptions, test the limits of my imagination, and strive to express myself in ways that may reach the minds of others.

My thoughtscapes range from science…

How to make sense of topics of the natural world and science in the light of contradictory reports? I focus on areas where I find the communication between scientists and the public to be lacking, and the concepts shrouded by misinformation. Children, nature, and wildlife are especially important to me, so I spend a great deal of time reading about health, medicine, and the use of natural resources. You can find my scientific writing and infographics in the categories of health, environment, agriculture, and climate. I try to present the topics in a way that makes them approachable for everyone.

Love of written expression has been an integral part of me long before I had heard about the importance of evidence and critical thinking, however, which brings us…

…to the fantastical worlds of fiction

I write fiction because I can’t imagine a life without stories. The natural world is enriched by our beautiful ability to create and visit other worlds with our minds. If you would like to visit the worlds I’ve created, you can find my essays, short stories (soon), and a blurb of my upcoming fantasy novel When I was Gwen under fiction.

profile iida

My name is Iida Ruishalme

Who am I?

I grew up in Finland, where I spent a considerable fraction of my time immersed in the lands of make-believe. I lived eight years in Sweden, most of it while studying biology and psychology, before moving on to Switzerland soon a decade ago. You can read more about me in the about section. Geographical coordinates aside, no matter where I’ve laid my head, I’ve always been a sovereign citizen of books, thoughts, and dreams.