Climate and Energy

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I would always start approaching a field (especially one that I am not personally an expert in) by considering review articles and the information from respected science organisations. Here is a piece about the scientific landscape on anthropogenic climate change, as seen through the trends in published scientific papers.

Here are some good sources that usually provides links to peer-reviewed research:

On the scientific consensus, compiled by NASA:

Infographics by Thoughtscapism

Is there a consensus about climate change? – What are the indicators to look for?

From the post How does CO₂ warm the Earth? – How do we know it’s not the sun?

Greenhouse effect (2)

For sources and materials please see the post

GMOs and the environment touches on the effect of biotechnology on CO2 emissions

GMOs and CO2 updated

Please see post for sources

New studies demonstrate that GMO rice has great potential to mitigate methane emissions. For more see Three ways science could improve the world through rice.

GMOs and CO2 (1)

The huge potential of GMO rice in reducing methane emissions


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