Sites Addressing Vaccine Myths

Below are a couple of independent sites hosted by medical professionals, journalists, parents and public health campaigns. I’ve found that these sites use clearly stated scientific research and other official sources as their information. It is easy to find further expert reading on the topics, and there is a clarity to the arguments, the reasoning and the evidence behind them. This is not true for the anti-vax sites and blogs I have so far been referred to.

Here several parent, doctor, science, etc blogs/newspapers articles specifically answering many of the claims put forth by the anti-vax movement here:

  • Science-Based Medicine’s overview on vaccines here and here. This is a blog written and edited by a group of professional doctors who understand and appreciate the totality of the evidence.
  • Parenting magazine, 10 Vaccine Myths  — Busted
  • Quackwatch. This site is an independent site hosted by medical professionals with aim to combat health-related frauds, myths, fads, fallacies, and misconduct. It has received much praise from number of scientific journals and health organizations, libraries, etc. You may search the site with keyword ‘immunization’ for a lot more on vaccinations, here one article. “Immunization Is a Question of Science, Not Faith: How I Evaluated the Immunization “Debate“”
  • Skeptical Raptor has a lot of great posts about vaccines told by someone with a long history in medical industry.
  • Voices for Vaccines. This blog shares information and tells personal stories through the voices of those who vaccinate.
  • Anti-anti-vax. “The information below began as a blog comment at Bad Astronomy, in an effort to address the common myths and misinformation spouted by those who are against vaccines (anti-vaxers), though the information can also be useful for some general vaccine questions that are not necessarily “anti-vax”.
  • Skepticfamily. “The purpose of this parenting site is to promote quality science and refute different types of speculative claims such as the supernatural, pseudoscience, alternative medicine, and any other extraordinary claim that contradicts facts established by science and/or reasoning.”
  • Vaccinate Your Baby is an awareness campaign that was launched by Every Child By Two, an organization devoted to raising awareness of the critical need for timely immunization and to foster a systematic way to immunize all of America’s children by age two.”

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